Top 10 Things Clients are Looking for in a Speaker Right Now.

1. A speaker who has a true message to share and is also motivational. Clients now more than ever need to justify the funds they spend on bringing in a speaker. As a result, we are seeing fewer requests for motivation only.

2. We are getting most requests for economists and futurists. People want to know what is happening now and what to expect in the future. In addition, they want to know how to deal with all of the changes going on around them.

3. Speakers that are willing to do a breakout session in conjunction with their keynote. This saves the client from having to pay full fee for another speaker, as well as an additional speaker’s expenses. Normally the keynote speaker will only add a small charge for including the breakout session.

4. Authors – experts in the field. Clients still want speakers with name recognition.

5. Clients want speakers who will truly customize their presentation. They want content that is applicable to their group.

6. Clients want speakers that can talk on how they can survive and thrive in this difficult and changing time.

7. Cost effective speakers. Most clients are still booking speakers but their budgets have been cut. For clients who spent $25,000 last year, they are spending around $15,000-$20,000 this year.

8. Hot topics are still – Economy, Future, Generational Issues, Going Green, Change and Leadership.

9. Clients want speakers who understand their industry. They love to have speakers who have spoken to others in their industry and have been successful. Also many speakers will “make the circuit” in a specific industry (which means that they speak to many different organizations within a particular industry), if they are considered an industry expert.

10. We are getting more requests for speakers who are up to date and have “fresh ideas”. No longer do they want speakers who have the same speech they have had for the past 20 years. They want the speaker to have new material, to be very knowledgable on what is going on in the world, and be ready to share these ideas. This is because clients are wanting to learn how to be more up to date in their jobs.

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