Technology and the Presidential Election

By Daniel Sieberg During every Presidential election cycle there is a reference to the importance of an emerging technology. Whether it was radio in 1925, television in 1960 or the internet in 1996 or 2000. And today it’s no different thanks to things like social media and mobile devices. But what are some of the […] Read More

Why Every Speaker (even you) Needs A Coach

A large conference.
Why Every Speaker (even you) Needs A Coach by: Garrison Wynn & Adele Cehrs Adele Cehrs, contributor to the Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine, sat down with veteran speaker Garrison Wynn, CSP, an Amazon #1 bestselling author who is former Fortune 500 leader and a former professional standup comedian, to discuss why it is […] Read More

Ten Most Booked Speakers for 2016

As we are now firmly in the second half of 2016, the topics that influence the current trend of Most Booked Speakers are clear. Groups are specifically looking for presentations on leadership, customer experience, employee engagement, client value and relationships, and disruption and change. In addition, they are wanting speakers whose speeches include facts, content […] Read More

Personal Performance Speakers that will Boost Your Company Productivity

Satisfaction word cloud
Happiness can create productivity which greatly influences personal performance and leads to organizational progress and company profits.  How to achieve that happiness can weigh heavily on the minds of those who desire more and better for the people and companies with which they work. While it may appear, particularly in results-driven environments, that happiness is […] Read More

At Home Magazine Interviews Angela Schelp

With our base in Memphis, ESB makes it a priority to stay connected with the Bluff City community. At Home Memphis & Mid South magazine recently featured a profile on ESB founder Angela Schelp in their August issue. The publication has a 100-mile distribution radius in the Memphis area, along with a national subscription reach. Angela discusses […] Read More

Top Five Change Speakers

Old Way New Way on Blackboard
When things become redundant, it can be easy to lose interest or focus. Though repetitiveness can be comforting, it may not always be the best route to take for new successes, especially in the work place. With innovations and technologies evolving, it’s imperative for businesses to stay on top of the newest trends. These five […] Read More

John Stossel Rebukes Healthcare, Bruce Himelstein Shows a Path Forward

Service and Marketing Expert Responds to John Stossel’s critique of Hospital’s Customer Service John Stossel, a Fox News Host and Consumer Reporter was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  Upon his trip to the hospital, he reviewed his experience.  His findings were clear, great medical care but the customer service “stinks”. Service guru, Bruce Himelstein, has spent […] Read More

5 Recently Added Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss

Executive Speakers is always on the look-out for the best ways to promote newest trends and helpful tips in success and leadership. We take it upon ourselves to make sure our clients, your employees and customers, know where to find the latest information. Keep an eye on these five speakers! As some of our newer […] Read More

Five Olympic Speakers to Motivate Your Audience

Summer is here! And that means the 2016 Olympics are right around the corner. Athletes in the Olympics, past and current, have all given dedication, endless nights of practice, sweat and tears into their careers. They have experienced trials and tribulations that have taught them how to be successful. Whether it’s during the training season […] Read More

Five Speakers Who Will Get Your Audience Laughing

Group of Multiethnic Cheerful People Applauding
Life experiences are perhaps the most powerful teaching tools available to us, especially the not-so-pleasant ones. It is often only in hindsight that we can laugh at some of the more unfortunate situations endured but those misfortunes, ironically, provide us the ability to teach, inspire and motivate others. Executive Speakers Bureau represents numerous speakers who […] Read More

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