John Stossel Rebukes Healthcare, Bruce Himelstein Shows a Path Forward


Service and Marketing Expert Responds to John Stossel’s critique of Hospital’s Customer Service John Stossel, a Fox News Host and Consumer Reporter was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  Upon his trip to the hospital, he reviewed his experience.  His findings were clear, great medical care but the customer service “stinks”. Service guru, Bruce Himelstein, has spent his … Read More

5 Recently Added Speakers You Don’t Want to Miss


Executive Speakers is always on the look-out for the best ways to promote newest trends and helpful tips in success and leadership. We take it upon ourselves to make sure our clients, your employees and customers, know where to find the latest information. Keep an eye on these five speakers! As some of our newer members to ESB, they all bring beneficial ideas and words of wisdom to the table. … Read More

Five Olympic Speakers to Motivate Your Audience


Summer is here! And that means the 2016 Olympics are right around the corner. Athletes in the Olympics, past and current, have all given dedication, endless nights of practice, sweat and tears into their careers. They have experienced trials and tribulations that have taught them how to be successful. Whether it’s during the training season or post athletic career, they all have a unique knowledge … Read More

Five Speakers Who Will Get Your Audience Laughing

Group of Multiethnic Cheerful People Applauding

Life experiences are perhaps the most powerful teaching tools available to us, especially the not-so-pleasant ones. It is often only in hindsight that we can laugh at some of the more unfortunate situations endured but those misfortunes, ironically, provide us the ability to teach, inspire and motivate others. Executive Speakers Bureau represents numerous speakers who reflect on their lives, and … Read More

How to Obtain Corporate Success With Digital Marketing


Today’s youngest consumers and companies’ largest group of future consumers have no recollection of a world without technology at their fingertips. The Internet of Things (IoT) is prevalent in every facet of our lives, beginning in the earliest stages of our lives. This means that a knowledge and understanding of Cybersecurity is vital, particularly when access to programs, applications and even … Read More

What CEOs Can Learn From Prince’s Presence


TV Broadcaster and author, Connie Dieken, talks about what CEOs can learn from such an iconic musician, and how your "presence remains in your absence." You only need to scroll through the photos of iconic buildings bathed in purple in the days following Price’s death to see evidence of his presence. From the Eiffel Tower to the Superdome, the world glowed his signature color. As we ponder … Read More

Meet Our Newest Exclusive Speaker: John Rossman


Executive Speakers Bureau is proud to announce our newest exclusive speaker, John Rossman. Rossman can provide over 28 years of experience in technology, strategy, design, and implementation to your next speaking engagement. He is most known for launching and scaling the Amazon Marketplace business which now accounts for over 50% of all Amazon units sold and shipped. While at Amazon he also … Read More

Ben Hines : Why Leadership Matters – Are Conferences Worth It?


One of the challenges of leadership is continual learning and finding environments in which to do that. Time is precious and getting away from the office can be difficult but are there learning opportunities out there beyond the usual conference experience? Are Conferences Worth It? Conferences can be a great vehicle for networking, hearing new ideas and concentrated learning but more often … Read More

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