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Executive Speakers Bureau asks Ellen Barone, global travel writer-photographer, to discuss her decisions, experiences, and advice for travelers and international speakers. Q: How did you come to the decision to move abroad? A: The ideal lifestyle, according to my husband, Hank, would be to … [Read More...]


On May 2, 2011, in the dead of night, an elite counter-terrorism team executed the now-legendary raid on the U.S.'s most wanted terrorist's Pakistan compound. As they prepared for the mission, the team members didn't know they were preparing for a raid in Pakistan – and they didn't know bin Laden … [Read More...]


Ice breakers can be a great way to kick-start any conference, break down barriers, and start people talking, introducing themselves to each other, and having fun. They warm up the crowd so that when you turn to the real purpose of the meeting, people are engaged, focused, and receptive to your … [Read More...]


Let's hear it for the moderator! That’s right! These days industry panels offering multiple points of view are such a staple at events that the demand for professional emcees, discussion leaders, and moderators is gigantic. This month alone Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor-at-Large at FORTUNE, … [Read More...]


What’s the worst public speaking advice ever?  Number one has to be "Picture your audience naked."  At the Executive Speakers Bureau, we've heard them all, and we know some experts who can dispel the myths and guide you with some better, less disturbing advice! One: “Picture your audience … [Read More...]

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April 22 was Earth Day, a celebration of our planet, a call to protect it and a stand for a more sustainable future. During the annual celebration, activists, speakers, athletes and celebrities urged individuals, organizations and governments to do their part to protect our natural resources. One way to help our earth is to plan a green meeting for your next event. Not only is it good for the … [Read More...]

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