Ronan Tynan A Capitol Fourth


Ronan Tynan, one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world, is part of this year’s line-up at the 35th anniversary of A Capitol Fourth, celebrating our nation’s Independence Day. As a man who has overcome many life obstacles with “enormous passion and determination,” it is no coincidence that Tynan will be performing alongside artists whose lives, lyrics and music have inspired

Top Rated Leadership Speakers for 2015

Top Rated Leadership Speakers for 2015

Today’s most sought after speakers are using both their successes and failures as blueprints to inspire others in their pursuit of personal and professional endeavors. Many are successful authors, ensuring that tangible guides are available long after the presentations have ended.

Top Five Tech Speakers


The ease and simplicity of the check-in process for a flight has increased drastically over the years thanks to the implementation of smartphone airline apps and stand-alone kiosks at the airport. However, if a problem arises during that check-in process, it must be handled by a living, breathing person- a ticketing agent. Computerized telephone prompts that guide as through our banking needs

Setting the Stage for Your Speakers’ Success

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

There is a difference between a good speaking engagement that accomplishes its basic purposes and a memorable engagement that positively impacts just about everyone involved. Setting the stage for which of the two your organization experiences begins long before the speaker arrives at the event. We spoke recently with Jeremy Park, president of the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club (LPBC).  The LPBC

Bring in the Sharks

7000x400 copy

Shark Tank is the popular reality television show on which entrepreneurs present their innovative products, hoping that one of the investors on the panel, known as “sharks,” will invest in their company. As its popularity grew it became clear that Shark Tank was about much more than just financial investments and business transactions- or the rejections thereof. Powerful episodes showcasing the

The Speakers Bureau with the Fastest Response Time!


We strive to be the most responsive speaker’s bureau in the industry, doing so with an outstanding customer service that creates a wow factor with our clients. Many often comment on how quickly we get back to them; some are even shocked! This reinforces just how important time is- to all of us. When planning an event there are many parts that must be properly placed so that the end result is a

LIVING ABROAD: Home-Loose in Latin America: Q&A with travel journalist Ellen Barone


Executive Speakers Bureau asks Ellen Barone, global travel writer-photographer, to discuss her decisions, experiences, and advice for travelers and international speakers. Q: How did you come to the decision to move abroad? A: The ideal lifestyle, according to my husband, Hank, would be to own four houses and travel between them, changing with the seasons. “One in Mexico, another in the

Navy SEALS hit the Target as Public Speakers


On May 2, 2011, in the dead of night, an elite counter-terrorism team executed the now-legendary raid on the U.S.'s most wanted terrorist's Pakistan compound. As they prepared for the mission, the team members didn't know they were preparing for a raid in Pakistan – and they didn't know bin Laden was the target. "They sat us in a room and they said, 'Hey we found a thing. And the thing's in a

Break the Ice at Your Next Meeting


Ice breakers can be a great way to kick-start any conference, break down barriers, and start people talking, introducing themselves to each other, and having fun. They warm up the crowd so that when you turn to the real purpose of the meeting, people are engaged, focused, and receptive to your message. And then there are those ice breakers that are disastrously awkward for all

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    BARBARA CORCORANFeatured on ABC's The Shark Tank, Founder of The Corcoran Group
    JOHNNY EARLEBusiness Week's #1 Young Entrepreneur, Johnny Cupcakes
    RONAN TYNANIrish Tenor, Paralympic Champion, and M.D.
    ERIK WAHLGraffiti Artist, Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist
    BRENE BROWNExpert on Authenticity, Vulnerability and Courage!
    RYAN ESTISBusiness Performance Expert and Agent of Change
    Robyn Benincasa3-Time Guinness World Record Holder; World Champion Adventure Racer; 2-Time Eco-Challenge Winner; CNN Hero
    SETH MATTISONInternationally Renowned Expert on Workforce Trends and Generational Dynamics
    MAGIC JOHNSONNBA All-Star, Entrepreneur
    DANIEL KRAFTHealthcare Futurist and Technology Speaker, Physician, Scientist, Entrepreneur and Innovator

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