5 TED Talks to Inspire Leadership


There are several common themes that run through some of the most popular TED talks on leadership- and by leadership speakers. There is an appeal to consider something greater than ourselves as the guiding light for change. We are reminded that a leader is only as great as the people he leads- or the people he follows. And, great leadership evolves from the inside out. We’ve selected a … Read More

Encouraging Employee Engagement


How can companies encourage employee engagement? There are two primary forces that tend to drive employees’ engagement in supporting company goals:  seeing the example set by their leadership team and being made to feel that there is a personal stake in achieving these goals. Employees are encouraged when members of management and leadership teams take the initiative to join them in various … Read More

Are you looking to “Kick-Off” Your Event with a Legendary Coach or Sports Speaker?


Are you looking to “Kick-Off” Your Event with a Legendary Coach or Sports Speaker? The fall season is upon us- and so is football season! Unlike most any other sport, football has become so ingrained in American society and culture that it was even a basis for one of the questions asked last night of the newly-crowned Miss America.  Football fans will fill out their Fantasy Football lineup, run … Read More

Top Rated Leadership Speakers for 2015

Top Rated Leadership Speakers for 2015

Today’s most sought after speakers are using both their successes and failures as blueprints to inspire others in their pursuit of personal and professional endeavors. Many are successful authors, ensuring that tangible guides are available long after the presentations have ended...Read More

The Impact of Inspiration

The Impact of Inspiration

There is no definitive timeline for the influence, both professionally and personally, speakers can have on audience members. It is no wonder that they, and the organizations representing them, put so much preparation into an impending presentation. The weight of words can evoke change and subsequent actions in an instant. Or, years can pass before the seeds of inspiration planted by a speaker … Read More

Celebrity Speaker VS. Content-Specific Speaker: Which is Right for My Meeting?


In understanding the impact a speaker can and will have with your audience, the question may arise as to whether a celebrity speaker or a content-specific speaker would be best for your meeting. Both types of speakers will undoubtedly bring much with them to the podium so you should carefully consider several factors before making a decision. Celebrity speakers have an immediate impact on … Read More

Ronan Tynan A Capitol Fourth


Ronan Tynan, one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world, is part of this year’s line-up at the 35th anniversary of A Capitol Fourth, celebrating our nation’s Independence Day. As a man who has overcome many life obstacles with “enormous passion and determination,” it is no coincidence that Tynan will be performing alongside artists whose lives, lyrics and music have inspired … Read More

Top Five Tech Speakers


The ease and simplicity of the check-in process for a flight has increased drastically over the years thanks to the implementation of smartphone airline apps and stand-alone kiosks at the airport. However, if a problem arises during that check-in process, it must be handled by a living, breathing person- a ticketing agent. Computerized telephone prompts that guide as through our banking needs … Read More

Setting the Stage for Your Speakers’ Success

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

There is a difference between a good speaking engagement that accomplishes its basic purposes and a memorable engagement that positively impacts just about everyone involved. Setting the stage for which of the two your organization experiences begins long before the speaker arrives at the event. We spoke recently with Jeremy Park, president of the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club (LPBC).  The LPBC … Read More

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