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HOT MIC: Speakers For Your Next Event


Let's hear it for the moderator! That’s right! These days industry panels offering multiple points of view are such a staple at events that the demand for professional emcees, discussion leaders, and moderators is gigantic. This month alone Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor-at-Large at FORTUNE, … [Read More...]


What’s the worst public speaking advice ever?  Number one has to be "Picture your audience naked."  At the Executive Speakers Bureau, we've heard them all, and we know some experts who can dispel the myths and guide you with some better, less disturbing advice! One: “Picture your audience … [Read More...]

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At the Executive Speakers Bureau, we have an extensive knowledge of speakers and unmatched customer service, and we’re dedicated to helping you engage the perfect speaker for your event. Let us handle the details for your speaker. You've got plenty of other details to work out. We've identified some … [Read More...]

Information Security

As the world becomes increasingly connected and driven through technology, personal data is out in the open like never before. Everything from addresses to private financial information is now stored and sent through the Internet, but with that amazing innovation comes the risk of breaches and … [Read More...]

Speaker Fee

As a business founded and largely run by women, Executive Speakers Bureau is passionate about sharing and promoting the unique insights women can bring to the business world. Here are some of our favorite female authors and speakers from the top of their industries. Susan Cain spent years as a … [Read More...]

Meeting Resources

Partners and Friends of the Lipscomb Pitts Breakfast Club, Thank you again for attending the Signature Breakfast with Doug Stanton, hosted by independent bank.  We hope you enjoyed the experience.  It is easy to see why Doug is a New York Times bestselling author with his masterful storytelling and ability to capture the smallest of details and to humanize the most tragic of circumstances, in … [Read More...]

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Now On Board

Executive Speaker Bureau is building up the list, of available keynotes. Visit our main website for a detailed search, on hundreds of speakers, who can engage your audience in the topics key to your business strategy and goals. (Click Here) NEW ON OUR LIST! Anthony Melchiorrie Jim Meskimen Tim Wilkins Lolly Daskal Alex Kip Anthony Melchiorrie, sound familiar? Host of the Travel … [Read More...]

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